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Contex HD Ultra fulfills need for speed

Innovation in 6 seconds or less. This is only possible at the Holloman High-Speed Test Track (HHSTT). Regarded as the fastest place on Earth, this 10-mile long, precision-aligned test track is where scientists and engineers put their newest prototypes to the test, at speeds up to 7,000 ft/sec.

Speed is important to the engineers at the Holloman High-Speed Test Track. So when a new prototype is ready to be tested on the track, such as new seats for an airplane, Holloman engineers want their drawings and wide format documents scanned fast. However, as the volume of documents increases, in some cases up to 100 documents a day, so does the chance for bottlenecks in the production workflow.

The solution
Built for productivity, the HD Ultra i4250s wide format scanning solution delivers unprecedented speed, color accuracy, and imaging processing. Users can scan at an astounding 8 inches per second in color, while achieving the highest quality images. This is three times as many documents as any other scanner up to 42-inches wide.

Holloman's usage of the scanner can range from 3 drawings to over 100 scans a day. As hard copy drawings are marked-up for design changes or to give sign-off of the designs, the documents are scanned with the HD Ultra. "The scanner's improved speed and efficiency allows us more time to work on other projects. It speeds up whole process all together," comments Ray Miller, supervisor for Test Group Test Management Drafting (TGTMP).

Benefits & Results
Since installing the HD Ultra 4250i, Holloman reports a 75% improvement in productivity. The fast, reliable and accurate scanner allows the engineering team to focus on its higher priority, like tests of vehicles that save so many lives.

"The engineers at the test squadron are really unsung heroes; they design parts for test vehicles that save so many lives. They deserve a fast, reliable and accurate scanner that will allow them to spend more time on tasks that have a higher priority," comments Sean Eikenbery, president, PeopleDocs LLC, a document imaging and database application developer and technology integrator.

The HD Ultra scanner is equipped with CCD imaging, archiving, and productivity-boosting features. This ensures best-in-class image quality, with 1200 optical resolution, and the fastest and most efficient way to scan, copy, file, and archive wide format images, drawings, documents and records.

Link: http://www.contex.com/en-US/Company/Case-Stories/Holloman-High-Speed-Test-Track.aspx

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Caroline Lim  |  03-7803 4600  | caroline.lim@acapacific.com.my

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