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QLogic 16Gb and 8Gb Fibre Channel Adapters Outperform the Competition in Industry Standard Benchmark

Testing by Independent Research Firm Demartek Validates That QLogic FlexSuite 2600 Series Adapter With Port-Level Isolation Delivers Superior Security, Scalability and TPC-H Benchmarks

QLogic (Nasdaq:QLGC), the market share leader in Fibre Channel adapters, today announced its 16Gb and 8Gb Fibre Channel adapters outperform the competition according to the December 2012 Fibre Channel HBA Evaluation report issued by Demartek. An independent research firm specializing in real-world, hands-on testing and analysis, Demartek validated the superior performance of the QLogic® FlexSuite™ 2600 Series 16Gb Fibre Channel adapter through a sequence of tests, including the TPC Benchmark™H (TPC-H). TPC-H is an industry-standard, decision support benchmark that simulates broad business intelligence database environments most relevant to information systems that provide organizations with answers to critical business analytics.

Unlike competitive offerings, the high-availability architecture of QLogic Fibre Channel adapters provides the secure and deterministically predictive scalability that data center administrators demand. The Demartek evaluation report concluded:

·         Compared to the nearest competitor's 16Gb Fibre Channel adapter available today, the QLogic FlexSuite 2600 Series dual-port 16Gb Fibre Channel adapter outperforms in TPC-H queries by up to 133 percent, with overall TPC-H queries executing 16 percent faster.

·         The QLogic 2500 Series dual-port 8Gb Fibre Channel adapter outperforms the nearest rival 8Gb Fibre Channel adapter by up to 120 percent, with overall TPC-H queries executing 17 percent faster.

·         With its unique port-level isolation architecture, the dual-port QLogic 2600 Series 16Gb Fibre Channel adapter provides independent port functionality for increased security and reliability, improved fault-tolerance, and predictable performance scalability. By comparison, the architecture of the nearest competitive offering does not provide port-level isolation, resulting in compromised physical security and scalability.

·         The QLogic FlexSuite 2600 Series 16Gb Fibre Channel adapter, using the same battle-hardened, Fibre Channel driver stack as the widely deployed QLogic 8Gb Fibre Channel adapter, delivers three times the transactions (1.2 million IOPs) and double the bandwidth as the 8Gb adapter. This same driver assures pain-free upgrades when moving to 16Gb Fibre Channel.

·         Moving from QLogic 8Gb Fibre Channel to QLogic 16Gb Fibre Channel improves TPC-H performance by up to 82 percent, and overall the TPC-H test completed 35 percent faster over the performance measurement period.

"Cloud computing, big data, and increased backup and recovery burdens are driving the need for higher storage bandwidth. Fibre Channel storage area networks continue to be a key component of most large data center storage environments, with more than 75 percent of deployments today using dual-port adapters," said Dennis Martin, president, Demartek. "QLogic's dual-port architecture has separate processor, memory and firmware for each port on the adapter which means that activity such as high I/O loads, resets, and recoveries that occur on one port do not impact the other port. Since each port on the QLogic adapter is able to achieve full line rate, independent of the activity of the other port, overall performance is increased significantly."

"Fibre Channel continues to scale and deliver the ultimate performance and most reliable I/O connectivity for the data center," said Amit Vashi, vice president, marketing, Host Solutions Group, QLogic. "With the world's largest installed base of Fibre Channel adapters, only QLogic delivers the essential high availability architecture that provides the I/O foundation required for resilient enterprise data centers."

QLogic 16Gb Fibre Channel Delivers the Ultimate in Performance

The QLogic FlexSuite 2600 Series 16Gb Fibre Channel adapter handles three times the transactions and double the throughput (6000 MBps) of 8Gb Fibre Channel, dramatically increasing application performance and cutting backup times in half. QLogic 2600 Series adapters are optimized for performance in next-generation servers with support for the new PCIe 3.0 bus architecture. Unlike competitive offerings, the QLogic 2600 Series provides complete physical port-level isolation in dual-port configurations. With this unique architecture approach, each port has its own set of processor, memory and driver resources. While competitive designs must share these resources, compromising security and increasing latency, QLogic port-level isolation enables a secure, predictable and scalable architecture.

For further details on Demartek's testing methodology, read the evaluation paper >  http://www.demartek.com/Demartek_QLogic_2600_FC_HBA_2012-12.html

About QLogic—the Ultimate in Performance
QLogic (Nasdaq:QLGC) is a global leader and technology innovator in high performance networking, including adapters, switches and ASICs. Leading OEMs and channel partners worldwide rely on QLogic products for their data, storage and server networking solutions. For more information, visit www.qlogic.com.

Link: http://ir.qlogic.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=85695&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=1764107&highlight=

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